4 Summer Smile Tips

Foster Dental Care Road Trip Before you hit the road, visit your dentist for a checkup!

School is almost out. Summer is about to begin. To get ready for all of your summer fun, read through this quick list of dental care tips for travel and play!

1.As you make your plans for summer, be sure to schedule a dental cleaning for your children between camps and family vacation!

Say Cheese! Enjoy your family vacation knowing you have a healthy smile.

2. While your kiddos are getting their teeth tickled, consider having customized mouthguards made to protect their smile while they participate in contact sports or other recreational outdoor activities.

3. If you are planning a summer vacation far from home or abroad, we recommend scheduling a dental checkup prior to departure. That way you can leave for your vacation knowing your oral health is in good shape and your pearly whites are polished for your photos. The last thing you want to focus on when looking at your vacation memories are your dull or discolored teeth!

4. Use a lip balm with SPF. Better yet, get your FREE lip balm from Foster Dental Care when you stop by for your cleaning!

Wishing you all a fantastic and safe summer!