Another Satisfied Customer

Kids Love Foster Dental Care All smiles after a great visit to the dentist

What a champ! Last week, Riley visited Foster Dental Care for the first time. It was a successful visit and if you can imagine it, he left with a grin bigger than what his mom captured in this photo!

The team at Foster Dental Care recommends children visit the dentist around three or four years of age. This way the child can become comfortable with the dental environment, meet the dentist and discover that going to the dentist is nothing to fear. In fact, most of our young patients will tell you all about the fun they had riding in the chair, getting their teeth tickled and meeting Mr. Thirsty all prior to a stop at the treasure box.
Additional benefits of a child going to the dentist include preventing dental problems in the future, monitoring your child’s teeth as they grow in and developing the habit of visiting the dentist on a routine basis.