April Celebration

April gave us springtime and the promise of the flowers!

April showers bring May flowers! From seven different birthday celebrations, plus anniversary celebrations and providing top-notch patient care… we had a BUSY month.  We also suffered heartbreak and loss. Through this, we learned how rock solid and strong our dental family is, and how much we love one another. We love you all, too.


This month we got to celebrate four team members #workversaries!

  • Our patients light up when Jessica greets them at their appointments and continue to smile the whole way through! ???? Thankful for the past nine years- we love having you on our team!
  • From handling benefits and claims to being the mastermind behind office practical jokes, we love Cassie’s sass and smile. Thanks for all the fun times!
  • We can’t believe that Wendy has been with our team for a year now. How the time has flown! From helping at the front desk to being a rockstar assistant, we are glad you are on our team.
  • Three cheers for Kebra’s anniversary, too! She brings a light and sparkle to the day and makes us laugh with all the fun memes she posts.


Not sure what makes April such a popular month for birthdays in this office, but we love all the celebrations! Check out our seven birthday beauties!

Outpouring Of Hope! & Chamber Feud, Hosted by Foster Dental Care

This month we got to take part in two very special events. The first was the Community Services League’s annual springtime event, Outpouring of Hope! (or Ooh!). Foster Dental Care got to sponsor their selfie-station and we provided wine wipes to help you get rid of tannin teeth (the red stains on your pearly whites after sampling red wine). We also got to sponsor the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce’s event, Chamber Feud. Much like Family Feud, contestants went up against one another with the goal of trying to win the most individual points. The event raised proceeds for the scholarship fund and the overall Feud winner got to name a $4,000 scholarship for a graduating senior! WOW! We were blessed to have members of JobOne and Community Services League join us at our table for this fun event.

Don’t Forget About Smiles for Life

Our patients are taking advantage of our Smiles for Life campaign. 50% Off Whitening with 100% of the proceeds going to charity! Woo! Want to learn more? Check out our video!

Don’t forget to FLOSS!