Gum Disease

Blue Springs, MO

Periodontal Disease infects your gums and the bone that your teeth anchor into. As the disease advances your bone retreats, resulting in a loss of your teeth. The American Dental Association attributes Periodontal Disease as the number one cause of tooth loss for Americans today.


Beyond the loss of teeth are more serious health risks such as:

Heart Disease

The University of Minnesota found that people with gum disease are four times more likely to suffer from Heart Disease. The bacteria from the infection in your mouth can enter your bloodstream, potentially causing blood clots that could even result in a heart attack. This has also been linked to the potentially fatal disease Infective Endocarditis, which can cause inflammation in the sac surrounding your heart.

Respiratory Disease

Scientists have linked this to the bacteria constantly breathed into the lungs from the Periodontal Disease.

Low Birth Weight Babies

A study conducted in 1996 at the University of North Carolina showed that mothers with Periodontal Disease were seven times more likely to deliver pre-term.