Traditional Braces

Blue Springs, MO

Dental braces can correct crooked and crowded teeth, a misaligned bite, and jaw problems. Braces also eliminate problems you may have with eating, speaking properly, or with keeping your teeth clean. Foster Dental Care offers two orthodontic solutions for your smile. Invisalign & Traditional Braces.

Traditional braces have come a long way over the years, becoming sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable. And that’s certainly something to smile about!

Traditional braces consist of standard metal brackets that are adhered to your teeth with an adhesive and connected by wire. They require periodic tightening so pressure can gradually straighten your teeth and align your jaw as needed.

Foster Dental Care can help you get your smile straightened out. Teeth can be straightened at any age; most patients begin as early as 10 years old. And now, more than ever, wearing braces is much more efficient, convenient and comfortable.

You can show team spirit or celebrate a holiday with colored bands of your choosing! Add some color and personal style to your braces experience by choosing from a variety of colored bands. How long you need to wear braces depends on your individual case, but most people wear braces for 18-24 months for comprehensive treatment which includes bite correction. After that, you’ll wear a retainer to make sure your teeth are held in the positions to which they’ve moved.

By getting your orthodontic work done at Foster Dental Care, we can align your orthodontic visits to correspond with your dental hygiene appointments. This way, a hygienist can properly clean your teeth between removing old wires and getting new wires and bands. Foster Dental Care can continue to monitor your oral and orthodontic health.