Teeth Whitening

Blue Springs, MO

Foster Dental Care provides two whitening options for patients who wish to brighten their smile.


Opalescence is a professional whitening treatment that is so powerful and effective it
is only dispensed by dentists. Proven successful at providing dramatic, long-lasting results, it has received many awards in the dental world.

Opalescence is a whitening gel that you wear in custom-made trays. Our team at Foster Dental Care will take impressions of your teeth to make trays perfectly tailored to your smile. The length of time you need to wear Opalescence will vary depending on your unique circumstances. A typical treatment lasts one week to 10 days. You may need to wear the trays for 30 minutes a day, several hours a day, or overnight, depending on what is recommended at your dental appointment.

Sheer White! Strips

Another whitening alternative offered at Foster Dental Care are the Sheer White! Strips. This is a great product for those looking for a low cost, quick, and convenient whitening product.