E4D: 3-D Printing For Your Teeth!

3-D PRINTING MIGHT SEEM like the newest technological innovation, but it has actually been around since the 1980s when Chuck Hull printed a cup meant for washing out irritated eyes. His process is still the one we use today to print all kinds of things, including dental crowns!

The traditional procedure for making crowns is to fill trays with a putty-like substance. This goes in the patient’s mouth to make an impression, which then goes to a lab where they use it to make the crowns or implants. This process requires you, the patient, to come back for a second visit. Luckily, Evolution 4 Dentistry(E4D) streamlines that process, making it easier for Foster Dental Care and patients alike!

Benefits To Using E4D In Our Practice

  • Fewer Appointments: No more return visits or temporary crowns. No need to take off work twice for a dental crown.
  • Same Day: The crown you leave the office with, is the permanent crown! Only one visit required.
  • Impression Material: No more chalky impression material. Now the team uses a Planmeca scanning device to get a digital copy of your mouth!
  • Ceramic Crowns: Your dental crown will be strong AND natural looking.

How The Process Works

Take a look at a Planmeca Scan and see an E4D machine shaping a crown:

Staying On the Cutting Edge

Our team at Foster Dental Care always makes sure we keep up with the latest E4D technology. We love it and want you to love it too! If you have any further questions regarding E4D 3-D printing, feel free to give us a visit and we’ll answer any question we can!