How To: Care for your Mouthguard

Foster Dental Care, Blue Springs, customized mouthguard Bring your mouthguard to your dental cleanings!

You have done the first step in selecting your mouthguard. You read about the different types of mouthguards and the benefits of wearing one. Now it is time to learn how to care for your new mouthguard.

Do: Rinse your mouthguard before and after each use
Do: Use a mouth rinse anticeptic (like Listerine) or cold water when rinsing your mouthguard
Do: Try using a toothbrush and paste to clean your mouthguard if you want it extra clean!
Don’t: Store your mouthguard in an airtight flimsy container
Do: Store your mouthguard in a container that is perforated and firm (to protect your mouthguard)
Don’t: Store your mouthguard near hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. This will destroy your mouthguard
Do: Check your mouthguard for holes or tears and if it loose. These defects can lessen the amount of protection it provides and could irritate your mouth
Do: Bring your mouthguard to your 6-month cleaning appointments so your dentist can check its condition

There are more mouthguard tips from Foster Dental Care to come! Stay tuned!