How To: Pull a Loose Baby Tooth

From the pride of showing off your loose baby tooth to friends, teachers, parents…basically anyone who will watch you wiggle your tooth… to dreaming of what you will do with the big money you get from the tooth fairy, losing your first tooth is a rite of passage full of excitement and anticipation. It is a major step in becoming a ‘big kid’.

Safe ways to pull loose baby teeth Missing: Two Front Teeth

Here are two healthy ways to pull a loose baby tooth:
• Wiggle it. When the tooth is ready to come out, it will.
• Eat an unpeeled and uncut apple. Watch the loose tooth come out in the first bite! Bonus – your child has just enjoyed a healthy snack!

Although fun and creative, these ideas are not the best methods and should be avoided:
• Pull your child’s tooth with your hands, pliers, or any other tool. By avoiding this technique, you can avoid causing pain to your child. When using tools (other than your hands) you could potentially damage other teeth when pulling the tooth out. If it is important to you that an adult pull the tooth, consult your dentist.
• Tie a string or dental floss to the door knob and the other end to your child’s loose tooth. This technique might not be successful and could result in pain or a lot of bleeding. Ouch!

Parents – while you are watching your little one wiggle wiggle wiggle that tooth, be sure to figure out your tooth fairy’s budget and have coins or dollars ready!