Our Tribute To Two Of The First Women In Dentistry (and Dr. Spencer)

Foster Dental Care, Blue Springs dentist, is proud to have Dr. Spencer in our practiceTODAY THERE ARE AS MANY WOMEN AS THERE ARE MEN in dental schools. But 150 years ago it was very different. We admire and honor those women who paved the way (so awesome dentists like Dr. Spencer could be a part of our practice)!

Lucy Hobbes Taylor Was The First Woman To Receive A Dentistry Degree

Lucy Hobbes Taylor earned her dental degree in 1866, but her road there was long and hard. She was initially denied entrance to medical school based on gender. Looking for a warmer welcome into dentistry, she started studying under the dean at the Ohio College of Dental Surgery. She applied for the college in 1861 and was denied.

Lucy persisted in apprenticing under several prestigious dentists, then boldly opened her own practice. After successfully treating patients for years and being admitted to the Iowa State Dental Society, she was finally accepted to the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in November, 1865. Because of her experience, she was only required to take one course before she was awarded her D.D.S. in 1866.

Emeline Roberts Jones Was Probably The First Practicing Female Dentist

Emeline Roberts Jones was married to a dentist and served as his assistant for years. When her husband died in 1864, Emeline continued serving their patients. Later, she was awarded an honorary membership into the Connecticut Dental Society.

A Short Video Tribute From The University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Many Others Made A Difference

Other women struggled through societal restrictions, bureaucracy, and disadvantage to contribute to the field of dentistry. These include Ida Gray Nelson Rollins, the first African American dentist in America, and Grace Rogers Spalding, who co-founded the American Academy of Periodontology and helped spearhead the preventative dentistry and gum care movement.

Rebecca Spencer Is The First Woman To Practice At Foster Dental Care

The team at Foster Dental Care is lucky to have a female dentist caring for our patients’ oral health. Joining our practice in 2010, Dr. Rebecca Spencer is skilled at general dentistry and orthodontia. Along with Dr. Foster and Dr. Musselman, Dr. Spencer strives to maintain, inspire and create healthy smiles in a warm and caring atmosphere.

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(Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor photo courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society & Emeline Roberts Jones photo courtesy of The New Haven Museum & Historical Society)