Patient Testimonials: April 2013

YOUR COMMENTS ARE IMPORTANT! We love hearing from our patients. It means a great deal to us when you share your experiences and provide suggestions on how to improve future visits. We take each comment to heart and review them as a team. Thank you for sharing!

Below are the patient testimonials from our patient surveys submitted in the month of April.

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Apr 30, 2013: Appointment was quick and went as expected. Seemed to use updated equipment as I was used to traditional equipment and the technology used was impressive. -Clay P.

Apr 25, 2013: I don’t think you all could do anything better to make me more comfortable. Everyone there was so kind and really pulled out the red carpet for a new patient. 🙂 I will be recommending you for sure to friends/family. Thank you for a positive experience! – Amy M.

Apr 24, 2013: Very impressed with the office and very friendly staff. We didn’t expect to be so happy leaving a dentist appointment! -Mihaela E.

Apr 21, 2013: Always love coming here – even with my slight dental anxiety. -Shane P.

Apr 18, 2013: everything was great. all the ladies we worked with were wonderful. thank you. -Bonita F.

Apr 18, 2013: It was a wonderful experience, especially for someone with my extreme anxiety level. I feel so comfortable now and will refer everyone I know to you! -Malia M.

Apr 16, 2013: The woman who makes the mouth guards has been EXTREMELY rude to me from the get go! She first off got the mouth guard stuck in my mouth and tried prying it out of my mouth for 20 minutes instead of getting the doctor. The mouth gaurd is not good quality and I feel that it was a waste of money. The dentist was not very friendly or caring towards me. Overall I was very disappointed and upset that the mouth guard has started moving one of my teeth. I do not plan on coming back to the office because I was so disappointed with everything. – Faith A.

Apr 16, 2013: Cost of services seem extremely high and while you offer payment plans, I think one should not have to finance having their teeth fixed. – Donald S.

Apr 15, 2013: experience was good. No complaints – Marianne G.

Apr 13, 2013: We’ve been very pleased with our dental care. Thanks!! – Judy F.

Apr 11, 2013: Dolly was really charming and nice to talk to! 🙂 – Alana D.

Apr 10, 2013: Foster Dental Care is the BEST!!!!! – Eleanor W.

Apr 8, 2013: The hygenist who worked with my son was very professional. However, we miss Kayla. I guess she is at the front desk now. My son loves her. I guess we can have a different hygenist, but she was not as fun. She didn’t let Jack touch “Mr. Thirsty” and she didn’t show him what she was going to do before she did it. She told him, but he does better if someone shows him first on one of your models. Either way, we like Foster. Thank you for being patient with a special needs child. – Jack Scott B.

Apr 7, 2013: The entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful. – Linda W.

Apr 5, 2013: Everyone was wonderful, friendly, and concerned about my well being. I am terrified of the dentist, and this was the easiest visit I’ve ever had. I am not nearly as apprehensive about the appt. Monday as I have been about past procedures. Great experience. – Claudia S.

Apr 5, 2013: I am like many people, I don’t like going to the dentist. Dr Foster’s office makes me feel comfortable and safe every time I visit. Whether it was to have my wisdom teeth removed or just a simple cleaning. I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing a Dentist. – Nathan L.

Apr 4, 2013: Everyone in the office made me feel comfortable. I believe the hygenist was Jessica. She did a very good job. I felt at ease and never anxious. I felt like it was the best cleaning I had in a long time. – Connie E.

Apr 4, 2013: Best dental experience I ever had. – Joshua A.

Apr 3, 2013: The staff at Foster Dental eased my fears and Dr. Foster himself was very comforting. I was extremely nervous and after my visit I have no fear. Foster Dental is my to go place for dental care! My only complaint would be that I felt that the Hydro Floss was being pushed. I understand the importance of it, I just feel the approach could be a little softer. – Michelle P.

Apr 3, 2013: Everybody was awesome! Best dental experience I have had! – Phil P.

Apr 3, 2013: Everyone that helped our family, were amazingly understanding and helpful. – Noah O.

Apr 2, 2013: Best care you could ask for in a dental office. They make you feel very comfortable. Explain everything so you can understand what is being done and what needs to be done. – Glenda L.

Apr 2, 2013: Always get great friendly service. Staff are wonderful with my boys. – Julian D.