Patient Testimonials: February 2013

WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU! Patient comments from surveys, Facebook posts, emails, even note cards are appreciated. We take your comments to heart and use the feedback to make adjustments wherever necessary. Please take the time to share your experiences with us in any of those forums so we can better the care and treatment you receive at your next visit!

Below are the patient testimonials from our patient surveys submitted in the month of February.

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Feb 28, 2013: I would suggest cleaning and / or changing out the spot light cover over the patient. Don’t know if it is scratched or dirty but it looked dirty…like other patient overspray or somthing else. – Charles D.

Feb 28, 2013: Everybody that I encountered was very friendly and seemed like they actually cared. I was explained how much procedures would be but didn’t explain if I had to pay full or in payments. Overall, excellent customer service! – Heather W.

Feb 28, 2013: No complaints. That’s why I come to you. – Rodney P.

Feb 22, 2013: Everyone is very professional! – Miki H.

Feb 17, 2013: Very nice group of people working in this clinic and you are very punctual staff. Keep up the good work. – Javed C.

Feb 13, 2013: Getting my teeth cleaned is like going to the ‘spa’. I want the experience to be as painless and stress free as possible. I expect to be greeted and welcomed and made to feel like I’m ‘special’ – no grumpy staff faces please! After all, going to the dentist is never a good feeling if your have ‘cavities’ ‘gingivitis’ ‘root canals’ to deal with. I think things are better at Dr Foster’s office – keeping up with the competition and letting go of some ‘tired’ unfriendly staff. My hygienist was a little rough while scraping off tarter build up but over all it was just ‘average’ not ‘great’! – Lisa M.

Feb 13, 2013: A BiG Thank you to Sarah for cutting her lunch short so I could make a 4pm meeting! – Lee H.

Feb 13, 2013: All of the staff that I encountered was very kind and informative. – Gina F.

Feb 12, 2013: The service I received at Fosters Dental Care is the best treatment that I have ever received from a dental group in this area. – Christopher M.

Feb 12, 2013: It was my first time coming to your office. Enticed by the free consultation, I was not expecting to greeting and service I received. I will definitely be back and sending referrals. Thanks! – Travis D.

Feb 8, 2013: Need to make a quick appt to file down the crown you put in thurs. Feels like there is a small mound on top of the crown, my tongue feels it and it seems out of place, probably will only take a minute to check and do. let me know if we can get this done. Thanks Don – Don A.

Feb 8, 2013: As usual, a very pleasant experience – Trudy A.

Feb 7, 2013: very excellent experience I had – Michael H.

Feb 7, 2013: No comments everything was fine. – Owen S.

Feb 6, 2013: Best dentist for kids and family. Very clean and courteous – Alexis T.

Feb 4, 2013: Very good at their job and caring. They know their patients very well and are interested in your well being. – Jeffery M.

Feb 4, 2013: I would like to be offered gas because my teeth are very sensitive. – Evan S.