Share A Smile Day!

March 1st is Share A Smile Day!

Share A Smile Day! Have you shared your smile today?

By far, one of the easiest things to share is a smile. It is free, takes little effort and a smile can brighten a day. How will you be celebrating Share A Smile Day? Here are some simple, fun and silly ways for you to share your smile.
Greet with a smile.
• Smile as you pass people on the street.
• Smile at the person at the checkout counter or drive-thru window.
• Smile and enjoy the smiles you receive in return!
Send an e-smile.
• Email or e-cards are great ways to share a smile with those you might not see today.
• By sharing a nice thought or memory you have with a friend or loved one you will be sure to be smiling as you hit send and they will smile when they open their email.

Get Crafty.
• Make the day a family event by assembling crafts.
• Create a smile collage by cutting out pictures of smiles and happy faces from magazines or newspapers. Have your little ones help pick out the pictures and glue the grinning photos on a poster board sharing reasons why they selected those pictures. OR create your own family smile collage. Take silly pictures, develop them and paste your favorites on the board.
• Make a smiley face mask. Use a paper plate, paint it yellow, tie a string for the mask and decorate with buttons for the nose and use wiggly eyes. Draw a smile or use one cut from a magazine or the photos you developed.
Remember… You’re never fully dressed without a smile!