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Canker Sores: Causes And Treatment

Have you ever had to deal with the discomfort of a canker sore? Read Blue Springs dentist, Foster Dental Care's new blog post, to learn what these sores are and how you can reduce their symptoms and frequency.

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED to enjoy one of your favorite foods, but that angry, swollen lump on your gums or the inside of your cheek kept stinging and hurting? Then you know what it’s like to have a canker sore. These sores are round ulcers that can develop on the inside of the lips and cheeks, […]

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Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our wonderful patients, fans, and friends! 2016 was an incredible year of helping patients become pain-free, while obtaining healthy, confident smiles. More patients took advantage of Oral Conscious Sedation for their dental appointments to ensure a relaxing, anxiety-free dental visit. Foster Dental Care added new team members and celebrated being named Best […]

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See The Full Picture On Dental X-Rays

IF YOU COULD HAVE any superpower, what would it be? Would you choose super strength? How about the power of flight? Maybe you’d like the ability to see through solid objects! Although super strength and flight may not come too easily, you don’t have to search far for x-ray vision (in a manner of speaking)! Today, […]

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Pets Need Their Teeth Brushed Too!

DID YOU KNOW THAT FEBRUARY is Pet Dental Health Month? That’s right! Your pets need their teeth taken care of too! While their teeth don’t require quite as much attention as ours do, your pet’s teeth still need a little tender loving care to keep them healthy. Foster Dental Care loves man’s best friend, so […]

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