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Oral Piercings: Self-Expression With Risks

Thinking about getting a lip or tongue ring? Before you do, make sure you’re fully informed of the risks to your oral health. Read Foster Dental Care's new blog posts to learn more.

WE ALL LIKE to show off our personality and sense of style in the way we present ourselves, from clothing to hairstyle to cosmetics. Piercings are often an important component of one’s personal image, but unlike clothing and hairstyles, piercings come with health risks — particularly oral piercings. Common Oral Piercing Risks There will always be risks […]

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Know The Risks Of Oral Piercings

THERE ARE MANY FORMS of self-expression: art, writing, fashion, even body piercing. When it comes to oral piercings, however –such as lip, labret, cheek and tongue piercings– Foster Dental Care wants you to be aware of all the risks involved. Know The Risks Before You Pierce Piercing anywhere near the mouth is very different than simply piercing an […]

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