The Buy One, Give One Toothbrush… Bogobrush!

Blue Springs dentist, Foster Dental Care promotes the power of positive thinking while brushing teethWHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT each morning while you brush your teeth? Maybe you hum a song in your head? Try to remember your dream from the night before? What if, every morning, your toothbrush could remind you to be a force for good? Pretty high expectations for a toothbrush, we know, but think about it. You brush your teeth every morning, as you prepare for a new day. So why not use that time to focus on good things?

The Bogobrush Is Kind Of Like That

That may be what the makers of the Bogobrush were thinking when they decided to re-imagine the toothbrush. Now, just as a disclaimer, we’re not affiliated with them or anything… our team at Foster Dental Care just loves the idea that brushing your teeth can be about even more than dental health.

Here’s Why It’s A Cool Idea:

BOGO stands for Buy One, Give One. For each brush you buy, another is given to someone in need! As many as 80 million people in the US alone lack access to dental care. This project takes a step towards remedying that problem.
You can be environmentally responsible, without compromising your dental health. The totally biodegradable design means less plastic toothbrushes in landfills.
Toothbrushing is now more than just a chore… it’s a tool for a healthy you AND a healthy world.

Check Out Their Story

How cool is it, by the way, that this is the idea of the son and daughter of a dentist?

What do you think? If you’re interested, you can check it out here – even pre-order a brush for yourself!

In Any Case, Your Brushing Can Be About More

Whether or not you have a special toothbrush, your brushing routine can be about more. Practice positive thinking for that two minutes each morning. Here are some ideas:

  • Think about the people you love, and how you’re serving them by protecting your oral health.
  • By brushing and flossing every day, you’re proving to yourself that you’re able to set strong goals and habits.
  • Think about how as you clean your smile, you’re prepping yourself to smile and be positive throughout the day.
What will you remind yourself about each morning? Share your brushing mantra below.