Wear a Mouthguard!

Gearing up for summer sports got us thinking about the importance of mouthguards. Did you know that there are several types of mouthguards? Do you know all of the benefits of wearing a mouthguard? Luckily, the team at Foster Dental Care can help answer those questions.

Customized mouthguards at Foster Dental Care in Blue Springs, MO Protect your smile, wear a mouthguard!

Mouthguard Types:
Pro: This is a pre-formed inexpensive mouthguard
Con: This type of mouthguard can be ill-fitting and cause breathing or talking to become difficult
Boil & Bite
Pro: This mouthguard can be found in most sporting good stores and usually fits better than the Stock category. To use, soften the mouthguard in water then insert it into your mouth allowing it to adapt to the shape of your teeth
Con: If you do not follow directions carefully you could end up with an ill-fitting mouth protector
Pro: Created for you by your dentist. Will fit well and will allow you to breathe and talk easily. Usually you can pick and choose the color(s) of your mouthguard. If you wear braces, this is the best type of guard for you
Con: This type is more expensive than Stock or Boil & Bite

Customized mouthguards at Foster Dental Care, Blue Springs, MO Get a custom mouthguard from your dentist!

Mouthguard Benefits:
A mouthguard will…
…absorb force if you get hit in the face
…help prevent broken teeth
…prevent injury to tongue/lips
…in some instances reduce the severity of a concussion
In general, a mouthguard will help protect your smile!

Stay tuned for more mouthguard information!